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Digital Media

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Hoopla is a web and mobile library media streaming platform for audio books, comics, e-books, movies, music, and TV. Use your library card and PIN number to create your Hoopla account.

Please Note:  We have changed the monthly views to 6 and have instituted a monthly budget which is applied daily.  You may see an alert while using hoopla.

Learn more about Hoopla here:

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Call the library to authorize your Overdrive account, then enjoy services provided by Overdrive.

Use the Libby App for reading on your smartphone or tablet.


Access a plethora of information through:

Use the SMDL for reading on your computer or internet browser.

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We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we no longer are partnered with Kanopy. Hoopla has replaced Kanopy and information regarding Hoopla can be viewed above.

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